There Is Only One Address

Rising above the Nile at the heart of Cairo’s social scene, Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza is a beacon of honest and passionate Egyptian hospitality in a modern, dynamic, culturally rich city that stimulates the senses and impress upon the soul.

Nile Plaza consists of a world class branded shopping mall, the finest residential suites, a commercial office center, luxury hotel rooms managed by the renowned Four Seasons Hotel, in addition to other deluxe and comprehensive facilities with a spectacular collection of Modern Egyptian art, a spacious spa, indoor and outdoor pools, elegant restaurants and sleek modern furnishings, Nile Plaza is altogether a remarkably accomplished building.

Four Seasons Nile Plaza, an intelligent, technically advanced world-class development boasting its own spectacular panorama of the Nile at it’s widest point, stands a might 30 stores high, and is a truesymbol of quality. It has undoubtedly become Cairo’s most eagerly sought-after address for both residents and professionals.\

Nile Plaza includes 131 exclusive, luxury residential apartments with private entrances, elevators and guest salons, constructed to the highest specifications, and designed and tailor-made to meet every resident’s individual taste and personal requirements.

A magnificent, five-star Four Seasons Hotel is an integral part of the development,which is composed of 366 luxurious suites, various exclusive dining outlets, a fully equipped ballroom, a superlative spa and gym, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools for the residents and hotel guests. Nile Plaza includes the Beymen Department Store, featuring an international array of first-rate designers and worldwide brands.

In addition,the development includes executive office spaces providing the highest technological standards, a three-level garage. and a comprehensive security and ongoing maintenance system.For luxury seekers, privacy pursuers and Cairo’s charming River Nile lovers. there is only one address; Nile Plaza.

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