Each of the companies within TMG has a policy to pay dividends when permitted by law and subject to consideration of its investment requirements, financial condition, including its level of indebtedness and liquidity requirements, and its results of operations.

As a holding Company, TMG’s ability to pay dividends depends on the dividends it receives from its subsidiaries and affiliates. The Company was incorporated in April 2007. It had its first full year consolidated results at the end of fiscal year 2008. As with its individual subsidiaries, TMG Holding will follow a policy of paying dividends whenever permitted by its results of operations, financial position, investment and liquidity requirements, legal reserves and minimum capital requirements.

The declaration, amount and payment of dividends is determined, subject to the limitations set forth above, by majority vote of the Shareholders at an ordinary general meeting (“Ordinary General Meeting”) of the Company, generally, but not necessarily, on the recommendation of the board of directors.

Dividend distribution

Date of GAO :Number of paid couponNet amountDistribution for the financial year of:
29/03/201410.145 LE31/12/2013
28/03/201520.145 LE31/12/2014
26/03/201630.145 LE31/12/2015
25/03/201740.145 LE31/12/2016
24/03/201850.17 LE31/12/2017
30/03/201960.176 LE31/12/2018
28/03/202070.088 LE31/12/2019
28/03/202180.145 LE31/12/2020